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The GreenBiz Business Directory works in conjunction with the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals. Profits from this directory are used to help generate much needed funds for ‘Climate Action‘ sustainability projects and programs. 

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This creates an automatic lowering  of the business carbon footprint! 

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United Nations 17 Sustainability Development Goals.

GOAL 1: CLIMATE ACTION. GOAL 2: NO POVERTY. GOAL 3: ZERO HUNGER. GOAL 4: Good Health and Well-being. GOAL 5: Quality Education. GOAL 6: Gender Equality. GOAL 7: Clean Water and Sanitation. GOAL 8: Affordable and Clean Energy. GOAL 9: Decent Work and Economic Growth. GOAL 10: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. GOAL 11: Reduced Inequality. GOAL 12: Sustainable Cities and Communities. GOAL 13: Responsible Consumption and Production. GOAL 14: Life Below Water. GOAL 15: Life on Land. GOAL 16: Peace and Justice Strong Institutions. GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal/s.


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Use renewable energy…

There are many fantastic companies out there offering 100 percent renewable energy, and lots of sustainable
businesses have already made the switch. This includes big corporations like Apple, Microsoft and Intel.

Using green energy can have a positive impact on your revenue, as customers are likely to be enthusiastic to
support environmentally friendly companies. In fact, research shows 90 percent of consumers are keen to use
sustainable businesses
as opposed to ones that don’t.


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Our website lists ONLY those businesses that are committed to sustainable practices with the target being Carbon Neutral/
Carbon Positive, and helping achieve a global Net Zero status. We do not put a date on Net Zero (2030 or 2050). We are of
the opinion that with a synergistic ‘Global’ effort we can significantly reduce carbon emissions ‘sooner rather than later
thereby helping avoid the inevitable Global Warming disasters and 6th Mass Extinction Event!…Ronnie. CEO MLGM