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Bumper sticker for your vehicle /office.



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Directory Rules...

  • I do not own or operate an animal slaughtering,
    butchers, or animal processing business.
  • I do not sell 'junk'or 'processed' foods.
  • I am not involved in modern slavery or cheap labour
  • I do not buy or sell goods from China (Xinjiang province). Proven to use slave/enforced labour.
  • I am not involved in the business of Deforestation.
  • I am not an executive of a fossil fuel company.
  • I am not a registered lobbyist.
  • I am not an executive of a health insurance or pharmaceutical company.
  • I am not an executive of a big tech company.
  • I am not an executive of a big bank.
  • I am not an executive of a private equity firm.
  • I am not an executive of a hedge fund.
  • I am not an executive at an *agribusiness company.
  • I/My company supports and adheres to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

*Agribusiness commonly degrades the soil, depletes it of carbon, reduces its water-holding capacity, poisons the land, pollutes waterways and the ocean, and produces polluted, homogenised food of inferior quality. In Asia it destroys communities and displaces people into vast city slums where they become cheap labour.

...MLGM Team